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Marriage Celebrant Sydney,Sydney Marriage Celebrant,Wendy Bull,

Public Speaker & Author of
‘The Big Day: Weddings - Wicked,
Wonderful & Wild’

The Big Day - Wendy Bull

Wendy Bull – Author, Writer and Public Speaker to Business, Corporate & Community organisations.

Professional, humorous and full of energy, Wendy delivers a wickedly, light-hearted account of weddings and other ceremonies she has performed. She understands her audience and tailors presentations to suit individual needs.

‘A lively and animated performance’
ACASPA Conference

‘Just as it happened - hilarious’
Mega Flow International


Profile - Wendy Bull

Prior to becoming a Celebrant, Wendy enjoyed many years in sales, marketing and management.

She went on to operate her own consulting business, together with teaching at TAFE, WEA and private business colleges across Sydney. She was also a keen business writer and presenter to industry.

In 1995 she was appointed by the Federal Attorney General as a fully authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant and came to be one of Sydney’s leading Marriage and Funeral Celebrants.

In 2012, her book: ‘The Big Day’ was published.

Wendy recently retired but continues to be involved with U3A and Probus activities, and continues to entertain with funny, wicked, wonderful and wild accounts of the ceremonies she has performed.